Hearing To Examine Terrorist Recruitment In Prisons.” Celebs keep on showing up at this year’s NY #140conf.

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As a news junkie, I've woken up to the news on NPR every morning for two decades. In the last few years, I've started feeling more alienated from the stories - perhaps jaded, perhaps overwhelmed by the complexities of events and the continuous stream of horrors I'm bombarded with. I am often tempted to switch off, embarrassed by the juxtaposition of my 'easy' life in comparison. Instead, beginning 1.1.11, I started this video blog, (vlog). Partly to illustrate my disconnect and partly to share with those of you who may feel the same frustration. I've set up some simple rules: Shoot every day for 365 days. Edit and post whenever I have access to my computer. Footage is from my daily life. Audio track is of a story on NPR from that day. It is visualized at the bottom of the screen as it appears in Garage Band and recorded by Snapz Pro X. Length depends on richness of footage, but is limited to 90 seconds. Film with a small camera and edit on iMovie Since it's all about me, it is my "navel world". And because it is also about us and the "stories", I've thrown "pies" and "revolutions" into it.


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